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Portneuf Valley Farmer's Market

Information about our Market during Covid19

We hold the health and safety of our vendors, and customers to the highest regard.


PVFM Farmers Market Plan for Opening

  • We have a variety of vendors selling agricultural, food, art, crafts, jewelry and personal care products.

  • We have a set reminders to distance through the market.


Increase Social Distance at Farmers Market:

  • Spaced out seating areas or for eating in the market space.

  • Extra caution with sampling, tasting, and customer handling of products.

  • Posting signs and handing out information giving instructions on the new temporary protocols

  • Restrooms are open for everyone.


Cleaning and sanitation:

  • Clean and disinfect all “high‐touch” surfaces such as tabletops. scales, cash registers, EBT or other handheld devices frequently.

  • Each vendor will have hand washing stations or sanitizer in their booth.

  • Market managers are offering sanitizer for hands.

  • Procedures for handling money and tokens that includes wearing gloves.


For Our vendors:

  • Vendors in high risk categories or living with someone in this category should stay home.

  • Vendors who are sick, or who have been in contact with anyone testing positive for Covid-19 should stay home.

  • Post signage for indicating where customers wait to get an order taken and where they wait to pay.

  • If possible, have two people at the booth: one to handle product and the other to handle money and delivery.

  • Don’t allow customers to handle product.

  • Pre-bag and weigh items if possible.

  • If you wear gloves, change them often preferably between customers.

  • Have hand sanitizer (if available) and/or a hand washing at your booth.

  • Clean & sanitize surfaces and objects frequently.

  • Let customers know of alternate ways for to access your products.




How customers can help:

  • If you are in a high-risk group or live with someone who is, stay home. Stay home if you are sick.

  • Follow the new market new protocols and please be patient.

  • Observe social distancing – stay 6 feet away from persons not in your household.

  • Plan ahead: know who you will be visiting and what you will want to purchase to keep your trip short to expedite your visit.

  • Leave pets at home.

  • Wash all produce before consuming.

  • Thank you for supporting the market




Where to Find Someone During the Season:

We are limited with phone calls during the week. Please leave a message or text the market phone.

Phone: 208 705-7333


Mail us:

Portneuf Valley Farmers Market

P.O. Box 4308

Pocatello, ID 83201


Email us: manager@portneufvalleyfarmersmarket.com


We are not in the office most days, applications are online only at this time.

What's New

Business hours

To accommodate our customers' busy schedules, we will accept calls 313 days a year, but please leave a message.  (No Sundays Please)


Our telephone hours are 10am-5pm M-S for text or email.


The managers office is not open at Old Town during the week- all meetings are by appointment only.


If you need to see the manager please make an appointment to meet the manager at the Old Town Office.


During market days, please look for the manager at the market or call 208-705-7333*.


* Please text the emergency contact line at 208-530-2247


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