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Please contact the market manager at manager@portneufvalleyfarmersmarket.com to be a new vendor this year.                                   If you are a new craft/ artist/ food vendor, please email the manager for information about becoming a vendor.

2021 Market Rules and Application Coming Soon!!!!                                                                        If you want to become a vendor and have been approved, or sell an agricultural product, please follow the steps below to facilitate the process once the 2021 application is done:


Download 2020 Season Vendor Application

Download 2020 Market Rules-


New Process for event sales tax:


Event ID:


Start Date:

May 09, 2020

End Date:

October 31, 2020




POCATELLO, ID 83204-0000

 ALL event PARTICIPANTS do the following:

  1. Go to tax.idaho.gov/GoToTAP and under “Other Services” click “Temporary Sellers and Promoters.”
  2. Choose “Seller” on the next page and then click “Next.”
  3. Choose “Temporary” on the next page and then click “Next.”
  4. On the following page your participants need to enter the Event ID at the beginning of this email then click “Next.”
  5. On the next page your participants will enter their seller information, click “Next,” and then verify their information.
  6. When they reach the Confirmation page, they’re notified that they’ve been sent an email with the information they need in order to participate in this sales event including a form to display.

All participants must complete these steps, even if they’re not making sales or if they have a regular seller’s permit.


Thank you Jami Drake for simplified instructions:

So from pvfm.info page, click on the resources page. Copy down the event id #. Then click on the tax link, than once on the ID tax page click on the temporary sellers and promoters link, select seller, than select I am going to an event, than it will ask for the event id #, and than you fill in your personal info and personal tax info. In addition after you enter your personal info, it will ask you to select if you have a permanent tax ID or if you're going to be using the temporary one. And that is where you put in your permanent tax ID number if you have one


Further instructions
From Idaho Tax Commission for those who currently have TAX ID
Vendors that have a regular permit numbe[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [670.6 KB]

Please notify the market manager when you are ready to come to the market the Thursday prior to the market. Have application, market rules, and payment ready on your first day prior to set up.

2020 Vendor Application
2020 Applications Now Available
Portneuf Valley Farmers Market Applicati[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [112.5 KB]

Market Rules are approved and revised. Please note, the market fee has changed.


Please initial to acknowledge acceptance of rule-

2020 Welcome to the Portneuf Valley Farmers Market!




                 The market will open the second Saturday in May and close the last Saturday in October.  Saturday hours will be 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, with setup beginning at 7:00am.  Wednesday Markets begin May 26 with sale hours from 4:00 – 8:00pm (soft close) with setup beginning at 2:00pm.  FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CUSTOMERS, PLEASE NO SALES BEFORE MARKET IS OFFICIALLY OPEN.  Vendors may choose to stay open after the market closes.




Fees may be paid by cash or check made payable to the Portneuf Valley Farmers Market prior to setting up for the first time of the season.


For Participating Members:

                (1) $100.00 membership dues plus $15.00 for each additional 10' x 10' space.  Additional spaces must be approved by the Market Manager.

                (2) 6% of gross sales or $5.00, whichever is greater, to be paid at the end of each market day.

                (3) 15 minutes of service to be donated to the market per year of participation.

                For Temporary Members: Approved by Management and one board member

  1. $25.00 per 10' x 10' space for the first market day, plus 6% of gross sales or $5.00, whichever is greater, to be paid at the end of the market day.
  2. On second and subsequent market days, $10.00 per 10’ x 10’ space, plus 6% of gross sales or $5.00, whichever is greater, to be paid at the end of the market day up to $100. 







                It is important to PLEASE CHECK IN WITH THE MARKET MANAGER BEFORE SETTING UP, unless you have made prior arrangements with the Market Manager.

Vehicles are allowed to drive into the market to set up prior to 8:30AM. After that time, please load your items in from a safe distance, as there may be customers already walking around the market. If you must use a vehicle after 830AM and prior to customers departing, you are required to contact the Market Manager to create a safety zone for your vehicle. Please unload your and move your vehicle in an efficient manner to allow the next vendor a chance to get in to unload.


              Tents & canopies are not required, but strongly suggested and must be securely tied down with a minimum of 15lbs of weight per leg corner.


                Every effort will be made to allow consistent vendors to retain a specific space, however, I, the vendor agree to be FLEXIBLE.  It also may be necessary to   condense spaces where possible during peak participation times, making it possible to fit us all in!  Make your area attractive and inviting.  No walk-on vendors.







A temporary sales tax ID is available for the duration of the market season, if you do not have one. If you have a permanent tax ID, please display in your booth as required by the State Of Idaho.






Please see “Ruling on resale at the Portneuf Valley Farmers Market.”




All crafters should complete an application to be considered as a vendor at the market.  The number of crafters will be limited each year.  No commercial items will be considered.  The Market Manager and Craft Committee will review/approve applications as they are received.






                Our market has a general liability policy.  Please note that does not cover individual vendors.  You may wish to consult an insurance agent for your own specific insurance coverage needs.




                If you sell out early, you can pack up, but you are required to leave a tent and table in your spot. NO Vendor will be allowed to depart entirely before 1PM. Leaving early creates a sense that the market is closing and tends to drive away customers attending at that time.

              No vehicles will be allowed in the market area, before or after 1pm if there are customers still shopping.

              Settle your daily market fees promptly at the end of the market day. 

              Vendors shall clean up your area and place any garbage or recycling in appropriate containers. No dumping of waste water in roadways.




Members should be willing to serve on various committees as needed and take an active role in assisting the market to grow and thrive.




                Generators & power must be approved by the Market Manager prior to use.  A power surcharge will be collected at the end of the market day:

10 amp & below     $5.00

Above 10 amp        $5.00 for each 10amp used




                As a market vendor, I agree to conduct myself in a professional, respectful manner at all times.  I will demonstrate respect and professionalism at all times when working with the Market Manager, fellow vendors, customers and the Board of Directors.  I understand the Market Manager has the right at any time to ask any vendor to leave based on inappropriate conduct or behavior.  Any vendor asked to leave will do so with their space and inventory left in place until after the market closes.  A member of the Board of Directors will secure the space until the vendor is allowed back in the market to clean up.  Any vendor asked to leave will not be allowed to set up at any future market without the review and approval of the Board of Directors during their next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.






The City of Pocatello and Old Town Pocatello have provided the grass area, parking lot, Pavilion and restrooms for use by the Portneuf Valley Farmers Market.  All vendors are asked to please respect the property.  Please do not litter; always clean up after yourself and your customers.  Do not use glass whenever possible.  Recycle appropriate materials in the recycling containers.  Keep the restrooms clean and if they need attention, please contact the Market Manager ASAP.  Be respectful of the trees, plants and flowers.  Do not tie banners of any type to the trees.  Help keep kids from hanging on the trees or climbing the steel beams.  Watch where you walk so the plants can grow and please do not pick the flowers. Thank you!




There will be no smoking by vendors.  Homemade food items must be accompanied by a letter/license from the Southeast District Health Department.  If you are planning to give out any samples of baked foods or produce you must contact the Health Department for the specific rules for your sample.  They can be reached at 208- 239-5274.  No live animals may be sold.  No vendor pets allowed at the market.




Where to Find Us During the Season:

Portneuf Valley Farmers Market

P.O. Box 4308

Pocatello, ID 83201


Phone: 208 705-7333


Please call to make an appointment if you need to see the manager.

What's New

Business hours

To accommodate our customers' busy schedules, we will accept calls 313 days a year, but please leave a message.  (No Sundays Please)


Our telephone hours are 10am-5pm M-S for text or email.


The managers office is not open at Old Town during the week- all meetings are by appointment only.


If you need to see the manager please make an appointment to meet the manager at the Old Town Office.


During market days, please look for the manager at the market or call 208-705-7333*.


* Please text the emergency contact line at 208-530-2247


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