Portneuf Valley Farmer's Market
Portneuf Valley Farmer's Market

Live Music at the Market

Last year (2022) we had 25 weeks of live music at the market! 

Here is a list of our musicians from last year and we hope they will return this year:



The Eclectics Band is Back for 2023- Playing for us OPENING DAY May 6th!

Shandi is back in 2023!

Blake Allen is back in 2023!

Dustin Armstrong is back in 2023!

Rob Gregg is back in 2023!

Clairvoyance Band is back in 2023!

Where to Find Someone During the Season:

We are limited with phone calls during the week. Please leave a message or text the market phone.

Phone: 208 705-7333



Mail us:

Portneuf Valley Farmers Market

P.O. Box 4308

Pocatello, ID 83201


Email us: manager@portneufvalleyfarmersmarket.com


We are not in the office most days, applications are online only at this time.

What's New

Business hours

To accommodate our customers' busy schedules, we will accept calls 313 days a year, but please leave a message.  (No Sundays Please)


Our telephone hours are 10am-5pm M-S for text or email.


The managers office is not open at Old Town during the week- all meetings are by appointment only.


If you need to see the manager please make an appointment to meet the manager at the Old Town Office.


During market days, please look for the manager at the market or call 208-705-7333*.


* Please text the emergency contact line at 208-530-2247


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